Precision Manufacturing for Consistent Quality

Experience superior quality and precision engineering with NEG Building Products’ precision manufacturing process. Our products are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring consistent quality and performance for every project.

30 years in business

Average employee has 20 years of service

Employees with extensive experience that live the NEG culture of exceptional customer service and quality. Many of our employees have experience in installing roofs and gutters and therefore understand what is most important to the users of our products.

Long-term supplier relationships

Long term supplier relationships ensure consistent raw material quality and dependable lead times.

Precision Manufacturing for Consistent Quality

Lean manufacturing principles along with precision manufacturing processes and in-process quality controls for consistent part specifications, straightness, and quality.

Inventory management for lead times under 1 week

Comprehensive inventory management program designed to achieve consistent lead times of 1 week results in exceptional service and value for our customers

Centralized Location for Streamlined Logistics

Our centralized location in the Northeast allows us to effectively and efficiently manage all storage, transportation and distribution activities along with reducing freight costs and delivery times in the process.